Gl Grace

GL Grace Enterprise is a shop specialising in electronics and their accessories, specifically, phone accessories, phone model casings, chargers, cables, powerbanks, and more. They are able to provide customised DIY phone casings, where customers can choose letters, flower patterns, and other unique designs. Additionally, the store also services prepaid credit top-ups for Maxis, Digi, Umobile, Celcom, Tunetalk, and Redone. Furthermore, they also allow for the payment of online bills, electricity, water, astro, Maxis, Digi, Umobile, Celcom, Redone and Tm. Their store manager (Grace) is available for contact via 016-2031678 for any warranty issues.

Opening Hour: 10am – 10pm

Location: 2nd Floor, M-01,M-02,M-05,M-06

Tel: 016-203 1678